Add Auto SUBTITLES in a video using CapCut

Putting automatic subtitles in Capcut is a simple procedure that can be done quickly in the application for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones.

The app can recognize the words spoken in the video and automatically transcribe the audio, with texts that are added at the exact point of the recording.

The user can still edit the appearance of the subtitles, changing colors and placing borders, in addition to balloons or animations.

Check below how to automatically subtitle videos using the Capcut app.


Steps to put automatic Caption in Capcut

YouTube video

Follow the steps below to add Automatic Subtitles to your videos using the CapCut application.

Create a New CapCut Project

Open Capcut and tap “New Project”. Then, select the video from your gallery and press “Add”

Adding Text

Tap the “Text” option on the bottom menu. Then select “Auto Captions

Captions Settings

Check the “Original sound” option, select the language of your video and confirm with “Start”. 

The app will recognize the texts spoken in the video and automatically add subtitles to the video.

Remove Error

Select a caption in the edit line and tap the pencil icon to edit it. You can also edit the text in case there are any errors.

Edit Subtitles Appearance

In the bottom menu, tap “Style”, “Effects”, “Bubble” and “Animation” to edit the appearance of subtitles in the video

Export the Video

At the end of editing, tap the share icon located in the upper right corner to immediately export the video to your cell phone. You can also share the file directly on social media.

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