How to Add KEYFRAME in CapCut PC

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To add keyframes in CapCut PC, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “New project.”
  2. Select “Import” on the left side of your screen or add videos from CapCut’s Library.
  3. Press the little blue plus (+) in the bottom right corner to add it to your editing space, or drag it to the timeline.
  4. Click on the video timeline to access a menu on the right side.
  5. Go to the “Basic” tab, and access the “Blend” section to select a mode.
  6. Adjust the starting opacity and position the playhead where you want the animation to start.
  7. Tap on the symbol representing a diamond 🔷. It will turn blue and mark your first keyframe. A white diamond will also appear on your timeline to indicate the first keyframe.
  8. Position the playhead to where you want the following animation to start.
  9. Adjust the opacity in the side menu. The diamond will turn blue again automatically.
  10. Change the playhead’s position and adjust the opacity interchangeably to match your preferences until you reach the end of the video.
  11. Tap the “Export” button when you reach the desired look for your new video.
  12. Before saving your new edit to your local files, you can adjust the video’s resolution, bit rate, codec, format, and frame rate.
  13. Click “Export” again to confirm the action.

You can use a keyframe to add different types of effects like motion, rotation, position, etc.


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